2014 CAA and CoY Award Winners

2014 CAA and CoY Award Winners

September, 2014


We decided to copy the selected fragments of the emial sent to Chapter Chairs.


Dear EMEA Chapter Chairs –(…)

Congratulations to our MALAYSIA CHAPTER for being selected the Communications Society’s 2014 CHAPTER-OF-THE-YEAR.  This is no small achievement and we applaud the accomplishments that led to their being chosen from among all our ComSoc chapters worldwide. (…)

Congratulations go to our four 2014 CHAPTER ACHIEVEMENT AWARD winners.  For years the CAA has been (and continues to be) awarded to chapters that provide their members with high-level programs and activities.  This year the Member Relations Council selected four outstanding chapters – one from each of the four REGIONS.

This year’s winning Chapter Achievement Award recipients are:

Asia/Pacific          Malaysia

EMEA                     Republic of Macedonia

Latin America      Colombia

North America     New Jersey Coast (ComSoc)


Sincerely –

Carole and Carol


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